Carmichael Music Teacher Teaches Kids to Jam

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Paul Morehouse, an early childhood music educator from the Carmichael area, will be hosting  a children’s workshop called “What Music Means to Me Jam Session.” Morehouse performed interactive children’s musical jam sessions last year at the 2013 Sacramento Banana Festival and will be back again.

Morehouse has worked as a professional musician since 1963 and started composing original work in 1970; he began teaching music in 1979. He currently composes music for public television and performs on saxophone and percussion with award-winning storyteller Leslie Perry. Morehouse is founder of The Institute for the Study of Music Making Behavior, an online meeting place for individuals and institutions interested in this area of early childhood development.

Morehouse has researched developmental theory in early childhood music education since earning  his Ph.D. degree more than 25 years ago. His research focuses on honoring the child’s experience of music-making rather than dismissing it, leading to the development of the “Music Means ME” program. “Music Means ME” emerged from Morehouse’s creative and developmental work with preschool and elementary age children.  The program uses music as the unifying instrument between creative thinking, language development and literary enrichment. A key aspect of the program is connecting literature a child is reading, or that is being read to him or her, and music or rhythmic sound.